So for the longest time I've had it in the back of mind my to start a real estate blog. But as busy as the market has been, I was always short on time. Now I have decided to commit myself to accomplishing this goal no matter how busy I become.

I looked around for ideas, but there are so many topics out there, I found myself reading everyone's blogs and not really finding anything solid for me to bring to my blog, at least no original ideas. I thought about what can be discussed which would be useful for anyone interested in real estate. I thought, maybe I can provide some insight as to what someone can expect if they are curious about getting their real estate license and making a go at it. Or perhaps I could provide some real world stories about my experiences dealing with sellers and how challenging it can be to compete in a fast market. Or I could talk about all the different buyers I have helped in the past and how we all have such different taste. I even considered discussing all the renters I have helped get into a rental home.

I guess what I realized was when it comes to real estate, there is so much we can talk about. Even the sub-topics are vast and plentiful. So what I have decided to do is to take a more common sense approach and provide my readers with information they can use from the "Real World of Real Estate", along with some stories of "Real World of Real Estate".

In the coming days you will be able to read my blog and I sincerely hope it will prove useful and entertaining to you. And please, always remember, "I am at your service".

Thank you,

Joe Reyes